Seifu and his Illness

Seifu was aware in the early 90s that he was a type II diabetic and he did what he could to stay healthy but it was not good enough what he was doing to prevent the kidney failure in November 2008. Seifu has read and learned quite a lot about the diabetic illness and he became more involved in recent years in talking about the illness and advising other people how to stay healthy even if they have the disease. He is aware that Type II Diabaiatic patient can leave a full productive life as long as he exercise regularly, eat the right diet, takes his prescribed medication consistently and make a regular visit to a doctor office. If all the above is done people with the diabetic disease can leave a full life otherwise the consequence is irreversible. Although Seifu believed that he has done all what he can to stay healthy both his kidney failed due to his illness. In November it was concluded that the diagnoses result showed that he is in the End Stage Renal Failure and he has to receive hemodialysis three times a week to sustain his life. Seifu from childhood never abuses his body by smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol and taking drugs and that helped him relatively in a better condition than other similar patients at his age. Seifus daily progress is very surprising and encouraging even for his physician and nurses, after the treatment he goes home rest for a while and go to a gym to work out. Seifu has a high hope to find a donor soon so that he can start a productive life by helping others how they can conquer the disease before it become serious.At the present time Seifu is treated at DaVita center three days a week and because of his good nature he became a family member with all the people taking care of him at the health center. Some of the testimonies from his care takers are as follows: