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Seifu lived a good and very productive life until his illness prevented him from working .At present Seifu Tibo leaves in Los Angeles, California. Since April, 2009 he haven't worked and lives with a public assistance. At a glance Seifu appeared to be a very healthy and fine individual but both of his kidneys have failed due to 25 years of diabetic illness. His daily routine is, takes a dialysis treatment 3 days a week the other four days he spend most of his time in the GYM and goes to Church on Sundays. With all his illnesses Seifu appreciates life and he is grateful to God for giving him a life to leave. His outlook for the future is very positive and he believes that he will win his fight against the Kidney disease. His demeanor and positive attitude also gives courage to those who are willing to help him leave a second life.

As it is reflected in his biography Seifu is a fine and good gentleman and from his early age he helped anyone who needed his assistance including his community and he represented his nation in two Olympics. Now he can’t support himself and as a responsible citizen of the world it is our duty to give Seifu a helping hand so that he can have the Kidney Transplant as soon as possible and resume a normal life. With the advancement of new technologies Kidney Transplant procedure is becoming common and the success of Kidney transplant has improved constantly. As a Kidney patient the first stage of living a new life is to find out if the recipient is capable of receiving a Kidney Transplant. If so, then to find a donor and to have a Kidney Transplant. If the procedure is successful for sometime a close monitoring of the recipient condition and taking the right medicine is vital. Seifu all his life leaved without involving his life with habits that will affect his health in the negative way including drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking illicit drugs and we believe that this discipline will help him. Due to his healthy condition compared to patients at his age, he is in an excellent condition and it is confirmed that he is a good candidate for a Kidney Transplant.

We, his friends are determined to help Seifu raise enough money to have the best possible medical procedure and an ongoing medical and living expense so that he can become productive again. We believe that Seifu have a lot to give to his community and to all mankind by educating them about his life experience and how they can improve their health by doing exercise and by avoiding harmful intake which can damage their vital organs. Seifu greatly believes that the regular exercise he practiced throughout his life helped him to withstand his vigorous dialysis treatment he is taking now. Due to his humble and polite character, the love of his country, the good did for his community, and his celebrity like status in his young age makes him very well known in his community. Wherever you are, his friends and others we urge you to submit the simple form below with the relevant donation information so that Seifu have his Kidney Transplant as soon as possible and rusume a productive life.

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If you give, you receive more. The Makonnen family would like to sincerely thank you for donating to Seifu's medical situation and giving him a second chance at life. Please click the "donate" button to contribute any amount you can. Thank You and God Bless All of our donors.

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